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The Best 5 2018 Indie Games Available at Steam!

Indie Games are somewhat games that surprise you in multiple ways. They are not just the typical games because everything has a different gameplay, graphics, and story to it. So, we have rounded up the best 5 2018 indie games available at Steam for you! Attack of The Earthlings Take on Galactoil, a comically dysfunctional […]

10 Best Steam Racing Games You’ll Love This 2018!

Racing games are fun to play. It is also one of the popular games in the industry, so there is no wonder why there are various racing games in Steam! But in this article, we have rounded up the 10 best Steam racing games so far this year for all you guys to enjoy. BattleSky […]

Free To Play Games On Steam That You Will Get Hooked On

If you don’t know what Steam is, better get into it now! You will definitely love Steam because it offers a wide range of video games. Moreover, in this article, games on Steam will be discussed—specifically, our top 10 favorite free to play games! Are you ready? Keep on scrolling! Warframe Warframe  is a free-to-play cooperative third-person […]

Kids iPhone App: Meet The Fuzzy Farm Crew

If you haven’t read about how Fuzzy Farm started, read about it here before you continue reading this article! This Kids iPhone App is called Fuzzy Farm, and as told in the title, you’ll be meeting and knowing more of the crew. First up, we have Chiquee the Chick. This cutie is a special character because […]

Story of Kids Gaming App: Fuzzy Farm

Fuzzy Farm is one of Trafalgar Soft’s awesome app creations. This kids gaming app established a few years back already gained quite some recognition as to how kid-friendly it is through Facebook. However, as the years went by, there weren’t any formal introduction of what Fuzzy Farm is all about, who its respective characters are. […]

Top 10 Most Played Nintendo Switch Games

If you have plans on buying a Nintendo Switch, or if you already have one, here’s a guide list of the top 10 most played Nintendo Switch games! So, first of, the list is filled with a plethora of Nintendo’s first-party titles. However, several indie titles and popular third-party games made the cut as well. […]

2018’s Hit Game, PUBG, Will Be Hitting Every Platform?!

2018’s hit game, PUBG Corp declared that they have plans for the future of the franchise. Yes, you read that correct; franchise. The beloved PUBG isn’t going to stay as just a game if they can maintain the popularity around the title. The main intriguing piece, however, concerns PUBG in the long run coming to different […]

New Mobile Games You’ll Want To Download This 2018!

Mobile games have become better than ever, rivaling console titles from not too long ago in terms of gameplay and graphics quality. So here’s an article we have rounded up as 10 hottest 2018 mobile games available today for Android and iOS! Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise An award winning game deserves some recognition! So what’s […]

The Best Gaming Hardware That Swept Our Feet This 2017!

2017 is coming to an end. And what better way to give a runabout of the top 9 best game hardware that has graced us this year? From AMD RX Vega, to Nintendo Switch, to Intel 8th-gen Core CPUs, and even to Microsoft Xbox One X! Continue reading to know the top 9, and why those are the […]

Super Sidekicks You Need to Know in AlfaFly: Mytho Quest

Don’t you just sometimes feel bad about sidekicks? They are so underrated, and not highly appreciated. We get that—and it is pretty sad. That’s why we have come up an article about the sidekicks of one of our games, AlfaFly: Mytho Quest! This is to showcase their abilities, and that sidekicks have use in this world! […]

Kids Mobile Apps — Know The Most Fun and Free Top 10 Games!

Kids are able to use and understand technology at an early age. Thus, they know how smartphones and tablets work correctly and how to play their favorite apps before they can even speak. However, with such a huge industry involving technology, there are a lot of apps offered in different platforms that are not so […]

Top 10 Free iOS Apps Great On iPhone X

Are you on the iPhone X trend right now and in the search for great apps to play with? You clicked on to the right link because here, we are going to discuss about the top 10 free iOS apps great on iPhone X! Continue scrolling to see what these games are, and there is […]

Top 10 2018 Video Games To Look Out For

Crazy how 2017’s about to end, and 2018’s coming with a full swing! 2018 bringing a slew of amazing-looking games, are you ready for those? So, here’s an article of the Top 10 2018 Video Games to look out for! Take note that the games you will read about are the hottest games on the horizon. Where there […]

New Bike Game Is Here: BIKE ME!

The wait is over, guys! Today is the launch of the new bike game called Bike Me—the most awaited Trafalgar Soft game this year! Are you ready? Because we sure are! This article will give you major details of the game. In addition, after reading this, there is a sure guarantee that you will be playing […]

Hot Topic This Week: The Disney Fox Deal

This week’s most shocking and hottest topic is about the “Disney Fox Deal”. Are you ready to get deep into it? Lets talk about it! Disney announced that they have set a deal to purchase Fox for an all-stock transaction worth $52.4 billion. This historic deal includes a number of Fox’s assets including FX, National Geographic, […]

Top Mobile Games for Girls to Play (Know The Top 5 Free iOS Apps)

Hey girls! Currently on the look out for good mobile games to play? Today’s your lucky day because this post will give you a list of the top mobile games for all you girlies to play! All iOS apps listed are free to download—yes, you won’t be asking your parents if you can use their […]

iOS Game — AlfaFly Mythos Quest Main Characters Introduction

Come and fly away to fantasy when you play AlfaFly Mytho Quest! This iOS game will have you mind-blown with its cool story-line, and several advanced features to keep you all engaged. This iOS game article will focus on AlfaFly’s interesting characters! Are you ready? Keep on reading then! Aladdin Introducing Aladdin—the first character you […]

Free Online Cooking Games — Know The Top 5 Of 2017!

Looking for a new online cooking game to play? Well, say no more because a runabout of the top 5 free online cooking games this 2017 is here! Star Chef: Cooking Game First up, Star Chef: Cooking Game. This game lets you create recipes, and can let you simply put together a good cookbook. The game features […]

Game Life: Top 10 Things Gamers Do

Some guys say “ball is life” but in this article, it won’t be anything related to basketball. Why? Well, simply because this article is about the game life ! What is the “game life” all about? The “game life” is not that hard to understand because it is just really only about habits gamers do while […]