New Bike Game Is Here: BIKE ME!

The wait is over, guys! Today is the launch of the new bike game called Bike Me—the most awaited Trafalgar Soft game this year! Are you ready? Because we sure are! This article will give you major details of the game. In addition, after reading this, there is a sure guarantee that you will be playing for hours!

You can now feel the rush in the most exciting infinite play game yet! Choose from five stylish characters, jump on your bicycle, and experience the cutting edge 3D action as you ride through an adrenaline-fueled world. You can even enjoy the multiplayer feature and play with friends from all over the world! Yes, this game is our first PVP systematized game! Exciting, eh? But it doesn’t stop there, you can execute tricks as you go to earn more points. Furthermore, the more you play, the more you earn!

The game lets you accomplish several missions per level. Whereas such missions are being able to ride the bike for 100 meters, go under a board, and perform an extreme trick. There is so much more missions to accomplish, but we’ll leave those as a secret and for you to find out once you play it! Oh, so you guys are probably wondering—how do you play the game though? It’s simple! Just check out the instructions below.

How to Play:

1. Tilt the phone to change lanes;
2. Then, swipe up to jump obstacles;
3. Swipe down to lean down so you can avoid hitting anything that’s blocking your way; and
4. Swipe in different directions to perform different tricks!

Simple Swip and Tilt Fast and Frenzied iPhone Experience


Play everyday to receive special rewards daily—you can get up to 500 coins everyday! The coins may be used to buy various of helmets, treasure boxes, and star boost. Moreover, it can help you skip missions, upgrade soda booster effect, as well as upgrade magnet duration effect. So better play it everyday!

For a wider point-of-view, here’s a breakdown:

If you are playing as a single-player, the items featured in the game are as follows…

  • Use coins to purchase items.
  • The coin as mentioned earlier may be used for soda boosters. Whereas this soda booster will have the player go forward in order to shorten the race, and it could also be able to break an obstacle.
  • You can also get magnets. This helps you easily attract coins and all other extra bonuses while playing.
  • There’s also a Medical Plaster which is a revive double up that can be used each time. This may be bought at the shop and it includes 1 plaster and 1 screw.
  • The helmet is activated by simply double tapping the item. It is used to give a player one free hit for 30 seconds. This can also be bought at the shop.
  • If you see a cap screw, it serves like a gem.
  • The Treasure Chest may be found per race. Inside the chest will contain a random item like a coin, screw, or plaster. You will get the item once the race is finished, and you can use the video ads to double up the price too.
  • As for the Pocket Star, it’s a feature where it can multiply your score for one run, up to a score of an item collection which you can use up to 3 times! It can multiply 2x, 3x, and even 5x!

Now, If you are playing as a multi-player, the items featured in the game are as follows…

  • In order to play with another player, you have to reach level 5.
  • Playing this mode features a Warp Stone. At first,  you will see ward stone next to the level of the player at the beginning of the game (you will physically see a “10/10”). That means you have 10 ward stone, and you didn’t use any at first. You may and will use this ward stone upon playing the multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can play 1 PVP, and it will be used as 1 ward stone. And if all ward stone deplete (0/10), you won’t be able to play PVP. What’s going to happen is you will have to wait for the ward stone to replenish, or you can also opt to buy through an app purchase. To add, ward stone uses a stamina system where it can replenish every 8 minutes. But, if the player can’t wait, they have to buy the ward stone item in game. Moreover, max warp stone can increase once player level increases as well.
    if player level 1-10 , they have max warp stone they can collect at 10
    but if they level 11 they max warpstone will be 11
    up to max warp stone 30 when they level 30
  • Ideally, players get to play with each other once they all have reached level 5. But, that does not mean if one player is at level 6, the other player should also be in level 6. As long as the players are close to each other’s levels, they can play.
  • If there aren’t any online players, there may be a need to create a dummy AI.
  • In this mode, you can also have an access to the Soda Boost Up. Go and make your biker go faster and be invincible for a short period of time.
  • This game is just like other PVP games like Mario Kart. There will be items that a player can pick and use to gain advantage toward winning.
  • If you want to give your component a distraction, you can use the Banana item.

Summary of All The Game’s Features:

●  Play with friends from around the world with state of the art PVP;
●  It is compatible with iPhone 7;
●  Has Colorful and Vivid HD Graphics;
●  Moreover, it has Endless Gameplay;
●  Simple and tilt controls are easy to use; and
●  Fast, as well as frenzied iPhone experience.

Endless GameplayColorful and HDState of the Art PVP

Pretty cool, huh? Some of the comments given by players:

“This game is some much fun, I can’t stop playing!”

“If this game cost $10 I wouldn’t mind paying that amount because it’s so much fun!”

“The best new game, hands down!”

“Most addicting game I have ever played yet.”

If these comments didn’t convince you, we dare you to give it a try and let us know how it goes! Because we highly value the players’ comments so it could help us make the game even better! With your comments, we will be able to know what you guys prefer, and what you all do not prefer. Why? Well, simply because we want all of you to enjoy this cool new bike game!

Download the game now to start your own very adventure for just $0.99! The game is only available at the moment to iOS users only. However, it will also be available to Google Play Store soon! Don’t worry, we’ll give you guys updates every now and then.

Read about the bikers here! But if you simply just want to download the new bike game right at this moment, click the image below!

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