Where’s My Mickey? : IPhone Game Review

You Might Just Be Surprised That It’s Among iOS Games That Rock Your Gadget written by: warren64 If you are wondering what’s going to be interesting with your iPhone this year, you have many reasons to smile now.

You can’t go wrong, especially at this time when Disney has come across an award-winning formula that’s likely to glue you over your iOS device screen for hours.
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Here’s the story

It’s a scotching summer season and Mickey wants to make some quick money out of his entrepreneurial endeavors. So he sells lemonade to a group of thirsty clientele. Now, his only problem is that he has run short of precious water.

That means it’s going to be up to you to help him fill up his bucket. He needs to collect lemons as well.

If you are a veteran, you are probably familiar with the idea of using your fingers to dig up trenches and lead water along the paths to fill up the three stars.

And the newest addition to this sequel are rain clouds and wind currents that control the clouds. The clouds serve as water receptacles. If you want to trigger a brief shower, just tap them.

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And you could manipulate the wind currents to push the clouds as you wish. However, be careful when doing this because you could push them completely off stage.

Like you’d expect, some solutions here are straightforward while others require some planning before hand. And the ultimate reward will always be a little vignette involving the lemonade stand.

How about the graphics

The average graphics rating given by users is 4/5. It’s HD obviously, and that means you shouldn’t expect anything less than that.

The Game-play

The game-play is smooth, and somehow full of surprises when you discover new features you previously didn’t know about.


-Where’s my Mickey is a classic game full of content to explore. Players don’t get bored due to the diversity of features and rich game-play.

-Players are treated to some cute animations, level after level

-It’s free to play it


-If you’ve played the original, you’ll feel like it’s a whole repetition of the previous version. And Mickey get’s old pretty quickly.
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It’s a free iPhone game that you can download, install, play and have fun as you pass your idle hours. It might not be full of completely new ideas, yet if you play it, you’ll realize that it still has some juice to squeeze out.

And if you are playing it for the first time, you’ll enjoy it more than anything else. So try your hands on this too.

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