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Where’s My Mickey? : IPhone Game Review

You Might Just Be Surprised That It’s Among iOS Games That Rock Your Gadget written by: warren64 If you are wondering what’s going to be interesting with your iPhone this year, you have many reasons to smile now.

You can’t go wrong, especially at this time when Disney has come across an award-winning formula that’s likely to glue you over your iOS device screen for hours.
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Here’s the story

It’s a scotching summer season and Mickey wants to make some quick money out of his entrepreneurial endeavors. So he sells lemonade to a group of thirsty clientele. Now, his only problem is that he has run short of precious water.

That means it’s going to be up to you to help him fill up his bucket. He needs to collect lemons as well.

If you are a veteran, you are probably familiar with the idea of using your fingers to dig up trenches and lead water along the paths to fill up the three stars.

And the newest addition to this sequel are rain clouds and wind currents that control the clouds. The clouds serve as water receptacles. If you want to trigger a brief shower, just tap them.

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And you could manipulate the wind currents to push the clouds as you wish. However, be careful when doing this because you could push them completely off stage.

Like you’d expect, some solutions here are straightforward while others require some planning before hand. And the ultimate reward will always be a little vignette involving the lemonade stand.

How about the graphics

The average graphics rating given by users is 4/5. It’s HD obviously, and that means you shouldn’t expect anything less than that.

The Game-play

The game-play is smooth, and somehow full of surprises when you discover new features you previously didn’t know about.


-Where’s my Mickey is a classic game full of content to explore. Players don’t get bored due to the diversity of features and rich game-play.

-Players are treated to some cute animations, level after level

-It’s free to play it


-If you’ve played the original, you’ll feel like it’s a whole repetition of the previous version. And Mickey get’s old pretty quickly.
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It’s a free iPhone game that you can download, install, play and have fun as you pass your idle hours. It might not be full of completely new ideas, yet if you play it, you’ll realize that it still has some juice to squeeze out.

And if you are playing it for the first time, you’ll enjoy it more than anything else. So try your hands on this too.

Line: The App Review

LINE Could Soon Be the Call app to Use

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There are a lot of speculation of the best call app between Whatsapp and LINE. From the recent statistics, most of the apps have already been used by many people in different parts of the world.

They offer a good way of calling but do they have the same features? Do they provide the same services? How different are they? Which one would you prefer? The number of people using LINE is now more than 340 million.

This can be attributed to a number of the features that make it better than whatsapp. Some of these features are as follows:

With LINE Call app, you can make video calls to anyone from your family members to friend all over the world. Moreover, if you install the app on your iPhone, then you can make all the video calls for free.

The video calls are also of high quality irrespective of your location provided you have strong internet connection. With this app, you can talk for the duration you are comfortable with from anywhere you like at no cost at all.

The services are also not restricted to some countries, this free offer for all iPhones are also international.

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The LINE call app also gives you the chance to know the location of the friend you are chatting with or talking. You can also share photos using the app.

Its messaging functions also come handy with icons and you have a variety of ways of expressing yourself ranging from using the stickers to employing the use of Emoji.

Unlike whatsapp, the app is exclusively free for all android devices and one can easily obtain it from Google play while the former is free for the first one year then you will have to pay $0.99 every year.

In the recent times, the comments of all those who used whatsapp has been declining while those using LINE kept growing towards the positive end especially ion the use of the stickers available.

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Whatsapp boosts thr rating of 4.6 stars while LINE still lacks behind slightly with 4.1 star rating. However, the trend is changing with some users of whatsapp reporting to have the application crashing and is unable to use it.

To add to this misfortune some of the people who use the iPad and the iPod touch openly confess that the whatsapp cannot be used with the is just a matter of time before LINE dominates.

Calorie Counter Plus: diets and activities

With the New Year for most consumers comes diet and fitness goals. The Calorie Counter Plus applications designed for the iPhone, IPad, and IPad Touch helps consumers reach their fitness goals.

It is an easy way to count calories and keep track of the food you eat daily. Many people carry their mobile phones to work and when traveling so this applications fits the active lifestyle of consumers.

This handy diet app. keeps track of calories easily for people on the move.

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This diet app. has a huge database of food items with calories and serving sizes.It is designed to keep you informed of what you eat. It has over 700,000 food items with recipes and information about the calories burned when eating or working out.

You can add your own recipes and photos to the database. The program is designed to be customized the to meet your needs.

The easy to read menu keeps track of daily food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It has easy to read charts and menus that help you keep track the nutritional requirements of food and physical activity needed to burn calories.

It has a feature that helps you set a weight goal by a certain date suited to your height and body type. It will recommend foods to eat and calculate the nutritional value of the items.

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This diet app. has 17 nutritional parameters that consumers can customize themselves. To motivate yourself you can take photos of yourself as you diet and save the photos.

Seeing the changes is a great way to keep you on track. Another great feature is the support staff that answers questions and helps customers reach their goals. They will provide advice about foods to eat, exercise and nutrition.

The Calorie Counter Plus diet app. is free. It is made by Plus Sports It helps you design a diet and exercise plan to follow step by step. What better way to start out the new year than by trying it today!

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