Mobile Phone’s Update: iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8 update this 2017

Mobile Phone’s Update: iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8 update this 2017

Let’s continue counting, for the smartphone’s innovation!


For more than a decade, aside of the new android and iOS mobile games and updates, we’ve seen also, how smartphone’s evolve and we will be expecting more this 2017!

Recently, iPhone celebrated its 10th year and we are all excited on how and what will be the upgrades of its upcoming iPhone 8 . Well, we are all hoping that there will be new features on it which we haven’t experienced from the previous models. There are rumors, that iPhone 8 will dive in this year!


“According to The Korea Herald, an insider told them that the iPhone 8 is set to receive an IP68 rating, which means that the upcoming Apple handset can be submerged underwater 1.5 metres deep for half an hour with no problem. As of the moment, only the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are certified with that kind of rating, which is the topmost level of weather protection there is. If the report turns out to be true, this will be a huge selling point for the iPhone 8.”


Since, now a days, consumer really consider of buying water resistant smartphones with such a great specs and features. Specially, for mobile games lover.

However , we will be expecting more also from Samsung,  ( iPhone’s top competitor now a days. ) as five months before iPhone will release its new iPhone 8, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge will be soon available in the market this April. According to Forbes, Samsung has leaked its own Galaxy S8 video.


“In a pair of new promotional videos for display division, Samsung has shown off new AMOLED panels which are widely expected to be used in the Galaxy S8. But more than this, it ends both commercials by showing the panels morph into an unnamed smartphone with very slim top and bottom bezels.”

Samsung will really shape-up from their S7 and S7 Edge.  In addition, it looks like Samsung will finally include stereo speakers on a Galaxy S smartphone — something customers have requested for years.


Furthermore, the bottom line of this is that iPhone and Samsung will blast our 2017 as they will continue to evolve itself.

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