Top 10 2018 Video Games To Look Out For

Crazy how 2017’s about to end, and 2018’s coming with a full swing! 2018 bringing a slew of amazing-looking games, are you ready for those? So, here’s an article of the Top 10 2018 Video Games to look out for! Take note that the games you will read about are the hottest games on the horizon. Where there will be a mix of blockbuster AAA titles and bold projects. Many of these games will be here before you know it, so let’s study them for a bit, shall we?

Monster Hunter: World

Monster World Hunter

A new era for Capcom’s long-running action series, as Monster Hunter: World trades portability for shiny graphics! In addition, there will be trade also for refreshing the co-op, and third-person hunts for modern market. This new Monster Hunter has you pursuing a big game—think dinosaurs and dragons! Moreover, you will lurk through tropical jungles and conceal your approach using foliage-based camouflage. It’s all in the name of fancier armor and outlandishly large weaponry. Plus, a new grappling hook should add a new layer to the series’ hard-to-master attack and movement options. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This 2.5D, 3v3 team fighter from Arc System Works looks like it’s going  into the mainstream’s DBZ nostalgia. Dragon Ball FighterZ’s bold 3D models look like they jumped straight out of the anime. A unity of  Goku, Vegeta, and Cell on a single team will take place! This trio will be chaining flashy supers and assists together!  This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive

Hideo Kojima’s has nothing to do with this Metal Gear game. Other than the fact the there’s its reuse of assets built for Metal Gear Solid 5’s Fox Engine… But there’s reason to have an ounce of cautious optimism for Metal Gear Survive! Why? Because this multiplayer game takes place in a dimension found supporting soldiers on Base being swarmed by crystal-covered zombies! Pretty cool, eh? The production values and core gameplay are nowhere near the pedigree you’d expect from a Metal Gear game. However, it’s hard to go too wrong with co-op horde modes. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom

With its beautiful, Studio Ghibli-inspired art direction, Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is unmistakable! It looks like the sequel iterates on the original’s gameplay in all the right ways. Instead of controlling individually collected familiars, Evan, Roland, and Tani are always in the thick of each real-time fight. However, the events once again takes place in the parallel realm of Ni no Kuni, this story has a much scope than the first. Why? Well because the deposed young king Evan endeavors to reclaim his kingdom of Ding Dong Dell after a hostile takeover. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4 and PC.

God of War


Having torn the Greek pantheon asunder, Kratos has set his sights on a new mythology to conquer: Norse. The fourth main entry in the legendarily brutal PlayStation series drops the numbering, and looks like it’ll force Kratos to control his endless rage. Moreover, he raises his young son Atreus to become a hardened warrior. No worries because you’ll still slay a lot of fantastical creatures along the way! To add, you will be using Kratos’ new lightning axe main weapon. But, expect a lot more character development and quieter moments in between all the carnage. This game is only available for PS4.



Anthem is EA’s answer to Destiny—a shared-world shooter that aims to put players in a gigantic sci-fi universe. You play as a Freelancer engaging in third-person, Mass Effect-style shootouts, armored up in your Javelin exosuit to explore and exterminate within some gigantic alien biomes. As you might expect, there’s an emphasis on party play and the pursuit of increasingly impressive loot. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Shenmue III

Shenmue 3

In Shenmue 3, you’ll take the role of a martial artist named Ryo Hazuki as he attempts to uncover who is responsible for his father’s murder. The game enables players to take on enemies in hand-to-hand combat, upgrade combat abilities, and explore a living world full of villages, shops, and an active populous. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4 and PC.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes


The beam katana-wielding assassin Travis Touchdown is back! And he’s looking stylish as ever! Don’t think of this as No More Heroes 3 but instead, it’s something of a spin-off, revolving around crossovers. Badman is itching for some murderous revenge on our side-burned anti-hero. But while the two are duking it out, they’re sucked into the Death Drive MK-2 game console. Expect Suda51 and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture to stuff Travis Strikes Again full of their trademark over-the-top violence. This game is only available for Switch.

Darksiders 3

 Darksiders 3

The Darksiders series is famous for being a blood-soaked, bone-crunching take on The Legend of Zelda’s open-world exploration with a dash of Devil May Cry combat with full of ridiculously proportioned character designs by cult favorite comic artist Joe Madureira. You’ll be cutting down swaths of demons across the ruins of post-Biblical-apocalypse Earth, fighting back against embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins themselves. This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Bandai Namco’s favorite series of flight sims is gearing up for a big comeback in 2018! They are bringing the action back to the alternate universe of Strangereal for Ace Combat’s current-gen debut. The fast-paced aerial looks great whether you’re piloting from the first-person cockpit or a third-person view. In addition, the campaign wants to contextualize the theater of war in the skies with a healthy dose of political intrigue. Take note that Playstation VR owners get the added bonus of PS VR-exclusive missions that should make players feel like they are actually flying their very own fighter jet. Exciting, eh? This game will be available on the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

There you have it, guys! The top 10 2018 video games to look out for! You can thank us later. LOL!

iPhone X Price and Initial Review

Over the past few decades, Apple has stood out as an embodiment of technological revolution, design and innovation. Acquiring a larger market share globally and an even larger share in the US, the technology leader is well known for a touch of class, elegance, uniqueness as well as technological brilliance. Nothing however, has managed to weigh down the firm determination of the iPhone series manufacturer. Theirs is an ever turning wheel rising over challenges and obstacles as redefined by their latest product the iPhone X. More on the iPhone X price.

It is quite pricey, I most Apple products are but this one gives you quality for your money!

Take a walk with me down the “iPhone X” lane as we explore more about this amazing product. Shall we?

So the super amazing iPhone X is a gadget on a whole other level. Ranging from the appearance to performance capabilities to improved camera capabilities to new IOS features. The new iPhone is about to give you a run for your money. Apple refers to it as the ��vision that is now a reality’ due to the achieved entirely screen- feature that makes the device disappear into the experience.

Enough talk!

The super advanced tech giant has its features embellished in a 5.85 (viewable area is lesser) inch all screen OLED multi touch display, super retina display enabled.

The screen display offers;

· HDR display

· 2436 by 1125 pixel resolution and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

· 3D touch enabled features

· Wide color display and 625 cd/m2 max brightness

· Oleophobic coating ( for fingerprint resistant features)

· A display of numerous languages and characters concurrently

Before going further, let me take you through

The size specs of iPhone X;

The phone boasts of beautiful appearance features and designs the most astounding one being the all- screen feature. It is fashioned in a standard rectangular shape. The corners are rounded producing an elegant curved design. Other specs;

· Height 5.65inches (143.6mm)

· Width 2.79inches (70.9mm)

· Depth 0.30inches (7.7mm)

· Weight 6.14ounces (175grams)

iPhone X Price

iPhone X Price














What this actually means is that the most advanced smart phone ever can be easily operated from your single hand!

What’s more?

iPhone X is water and dust resistance enabled rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529. That means you can beat it to all weathers and terrains, you can take under water selfies, swim with the dolphins and take photos comfortably.

Now to the performance capabilities, iPhone X houses the best technology. Its abilities will blow your mind!

Revolutionized Face ID Recognition

iPhone X allows you to authenticate, unlock and even pay by simply using your face ID. How fascinating is that?

Let me explain to you slightly how this works.

The new iphone features a true depth camera that facilitates your face recognition. The true depth camera projects over 30,000 dots to your face, it then evaluates and analyses them to come up with a precise depth map of your face.

You are probably thinking what if my face changes over time? That’s catered for too

Other features of the True Depth camera;

· Portrait lighting- the camera is well designed to produce effects that have studio lighting quality

· 7MP selfie camera- well, this allows for you to take selfies and to modify foregrounds and backgrounds to add on that spice to your photos

· Animoji- This is a super cool feature, it analyses over 50 face muscles and their movements and reflect your expressions in 12 different emojis.

· 1080p HD video recording

· Auto HDR

· Backside illumination sensor

· Auto image stabilization

· Retina flash

· Exposure control

Fascinating right? Now to the main deal

Superhuman Intelligence Features

Did I just mention that the iPhone X is the most powerful smart phone ever? Here is the proof.

The super iPhone X is fitted with;

· The amazing A11 Bionic, smartest, most powerful chip in a phone

· The mighty neural engine capable of running billions of operations in a second actually, 600 billion operations per sec to be precise.

· A faster CPU featuring four advanced cores

· M11 motion coprocessor

· Adaptive recognition- this is a feature that enables the face ID to adjust and adapt to your facial changes over time. Told you iPhone X has got you covered

Over the ages iPhone series have gained massive popularity for their impressive camera capabilities. This could highly said during an error where social media popularity; Instagram, Snap chat, facebook and tweeter make up the order of the day. Nothing can be said less of iPhone X

iphone x price and review

What are the Camera Specs of iPhone X?

The iphone has dual 12MP cameras and is offering;

· An impressively faster and better 12MP sensor, improved pixel quality and color filters

· Optical zoom- a wide angle telephoto cameras take care of digital and optical zoom allowing 10times and 6times zoom for photos and videos respectively

· Portrait lighting- Depth sensing and facial mapping cameras that guarantee you studio quality effects

· Telephoto, IOS fitted cameras

· Dual IOS that provide quality photos even in low light

· Sapphire crystal lens cover

· Hybrid IR filter

· Quad LED true tone flash

· Autofocus with focus pixels

· Noise reduction

These are among other incredible camera features and capabilities

Power Efficiency Features

iPhone X redefines wireless, the phone is chargeable without any wired connections. You simply place it on a mobile charging mat or station and you are good to go

The battery performance is impressive, going 2 hours longer than the battery on iPhone 7. Its durations include;

· 21 hours wireless talk time

· 12 hours internet time

· 13 hours wireless video playback

· 60 hours wireless audio playback

· 50% fast chargeable in 30 minutes

Other amazing features of iPhone X include;

� Augmented Reality features- the phone’s A11 bionic gives you that augmented reality experience offered in a variety of Apple games and apps

� IOS 11 offers numerous impressive features to iPhone users;

-It boasts of new gestures and suitable capabilities to enhance use of the entire- screen phone

-Siri a feature that enable s you to; translate, use your voice to send texts, identify songs

iphone x price

iphone x price












� Sensor features such as; ambient light sensor, three axis gyro, barometer, proximity sensor and accelerometer

� Numerous built in apps

� Numerous languages

� Hearing aids

Much said of the iPhone X, generally I think it is one incredible gadget you need in your collection,

We review some of the bright and dull sides of the new phone.


� It has an outstanding visual appearance owing to the OLED entire- screen and the steel frame

� It has super impressive contrast features

� Optical image stabilizers on both rear cameras makes it suitable to use camera in low light conditions

� AppleCare+ is more expensive in iPhone X

� An improved aperture of the telephoto portrait lens compared to other iPhone series

� iPhone X features the animoji and portrait mode on front camera

� The phone offer the advanced face ID technology to unlock and authenticate

Some cons of iPhone X include;

� It is rather expensive than affordable, the most expensive of iPhone series

� The elimination of a home button make going to home screen complicated in a way

� You have to keep looking at the phone to unlock it

iPhone X Price

Prices of iPhone X are quite high with speculations of $999 for the 64GB model and $1,149 for the 256GB model.

Generally, iPhone X is the future of smart phones, it is a game changer that will revolutionize the industry and redefine the users’ experience. Be among the first to try it!