The Best Gaming Hardware That Swept Our Feet This 2017!

2017 is coming to an end. And what better way to give a runabout of the top 9 best game hardware that has graced us this year? From AMD RX Vega, to Nintendo Switch, to Intel 8th-gen Core CPUs, and even to Microsoft Xbox One X! Continue reading to know the top 9, and why those are the best.



AMD inserted itself back into the high-end video card market with the RX Vega 64 which became an answer to Nvidia’s GTX 1080. According to some tests made, Vega 64 runs slightly better at 4K than the GTX 1080. The more affordable RX Vega 56 is essentially a toned-down version of Vega 64, and the card is great for 1440p GPU that bested Nvidia’s GTX 1070 in many tests that have been made.

AMD Ryzen CPUs

AMD Ryzen CPUs

AMD also made a comeback in the CPU space when it released the Ryzen series. The Ryzen 7 line topped the consumer-level options with are 8-core / 16-thread CPUs using the new Zen architecture. The mid-range Ryzen 5 family of CPUs was soon followed with multi-threaded six-core and quad-core options. And lastly, Ryzen 3 offered great entry level quad-core processors. To add, AMD was able to pair multi-core performance previously reserved for workstation CPUs and unprecedented value.

Intel 8th-gen Core CPUs

Intel 8th-gen Core CPUs

This year, Intel also came out strong with their own family of new CPUs. First time in the Intel Core lineup, the flagship consumer-level model increased core count by going from four to six (Core i7-8700K). To add, Intel gave a boost to the mid-range Core i5 lineup as well going from the traditional four-core setup to a six-core. Moreover, with the Core i3 family, no more days of settling for dual-core when you’re on a budget now that these cheaper CPUs come with four cores. Crazy, right?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo tried something risky with its console-handheld hybrid, and it surely did pay off. By nature of the tablet design, it doesn’t pack the most powerful specs. However, the quality of games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey prove that you don’t need the best graphics to make the best games! So being able to play these games on the big screen in the living room and then picking up where you left off later on the go is one of the things that make the Nintendo Switch special.

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

More of Nintendo — this year, the company did nostalgia right with the SNES Classic. And which was a follow up to the NES Classic that came before it. This rendition of the original SNES packed 21 great games from the console’s time in the early to mid ’90s. Moreover, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and Earthbound can be played on modern TVs with ease. How fun, right?!

New Nintendo 2DS XL

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Another one from Nintendo is the New Nintende 2DS XL. Out of Nintendo’s expansive 3DS library, the New 2DS XL that came out this year is what we highly recommend. Why? Well, simply because it leaves the 3D capabilities behind like the original 2DS. However, it adopts the clamshell chassis and larger screens of the XL systems. Moreover, it has a sleek and minimalist design. In addition, it packs the enhanced hardware of the “New” 3DS models that some games require.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 used to be the fastest graphics card when it debuted in 2016. However, it has been taken over by the GTX 1080 Ti this year. Based on the same Pascal architecture of the other GTX 10-series cards, but it features more CUDA cores, texture units, and video RAM. All of these enhancements make it the fastest consumer-level graphics card and the best option for maxing out PC games out at 4K.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft Xbox One X

If you’re looking for the most power out of a gaming console, Microsoft’s Xbox One X largely lived up to its hype. Six teraflops of GPU power translates into much higher resolutions and more detail in games that are enhanced for the Xbox One X. What more can you ask for?! Plus, Gears of War 4 and Halo 5 look better than ever running at 4K.

There you have it, guys! A quick run through of all the best gaming hardware that 2017 have offered to us. Enjoy!

Game Life: Top 10 Things Gamers Do

Some guys say “ball is life” but in this article, it won’t be anything related to basketball. Why? Well, simply because this article is about the game life ! What is the “game life” all about? The “game life” is not that hard to understand because it is just really only about habits gamers do while playing video games.

Prepare yourself because this article will make you laugh, and maybe even make you blush because you know they are all true!

First up, pressing the buttons harder while playing any video game that involves races, or fights! You know it gets pretty intense when you really want to win that match. And… You pretty well know that pressing the buttons harder won’t let you win. LOL.


Another thing that gamers have done is leaning in real life to look through corners to see if there will be any enemies, or zombies coming their way! It’s funny when you think about it, eh?

 unnamed (1)

Here’s one more thing about racing games… It is not just about pressing the buttons harder, it is also about how gamers tilt their controllers when the vehicle is tilting too!


Oh oops, hold on, a little discussion about basketball is coming up… However, it is related to gaming! LOL gotcha! Anyway, during times when gamers would play video games like basketball, or football, best believe it, you guys have World War II going on inside the room! All the screams, foul words, and even physical hits with one another! You know everything is all well and good… Until one of those hot-headed gamers gets annoyedand so yes, you guessed it right, game’s over for everyone.


Loading… Wait a sec… Zzz…

Oh, did you keep on refreshing the page? Sorry!

This next “game life” habit is how gamers would hit the X button several times when the game is loading. Come on, gamers! You all know better that pressing the X button won’t make the game load any faster. LOL.


Sixth “game life” behavior is how gamers do not realize they’re holding their breath in real life while doing underwater sequences.


Gamers tend to close their eyes while playing horror games!


…and they scream (and sometimes even run) when a scary creature pops out! LOL.


Gamers go sad for about a week and a half when their favorite game ends, or when a beloved character is killed just like these guys below.


Last but not the least, gamers go on a rage when they don’t get to level up or pass through tough enemies!


Be honest, have you guys ever done any one of these? Or, do you guys have any other gaming habits/behaviors? Let us know!