Lightning Fighter 2 Review

Lightning Fighter 2 is definitely one of the most charming iOS applications at this time,introducing the player to a

whole new Universe with virtual minefields of hellfire everywhere. Addictive to all players who love arcade games, Lightning

Fighter 2 is easy to play and very engaging, allowing everyone to go through a wide number of levels while destroying enemies and

other spacecrafts.

From the beginning, the player can successfully control the craft using the one-of-a-kind iOS on-screen touch controls.

The craft has auto-fire enabled, it can deploy smart bombs and shields by tapping the corresponding icons, and it can collect coins

that can be used in order to purchase a whole new craft.

From the three ships available to choose, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and all of them have to go through seven

different levels of an adjustable difficulty – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Thankfully, the creators of Lightning Fighter 2 made sure to

incorporate HD visuals and soundtracks to the game, allowing the player to get introduced to the incredible Universe that looks

more like a purgatory.

To unlock new characters, the player has to spend hours and hours of continual grinding in order to collect the necessary amount

of coins. It is, unfortunately, obvious that the developers of Lightning Fighter 2 have specifically made this feature almost

impossible to the players, who may be tempted to make real-life purchases in order to get more coins.

Lightning Fighter 2 certainly is a great iOS application, but it still cannot equal the authentic experience provided by the original

Lightning Fighter. Even though investing $0.99 in this game might seem justified, you have to pay more if you want to unlock

everything this game has to offer. If you do not have your wallet ready, your experience might be significantly less incredible or


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