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If You Want Some Action In Real HD, Read This written by: warren64 If you love RPG games, you may be in for a surprise this time round.

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We are introducing the ”Dragon and Hunter HD iPhone game that will surely keep you glued on the screen of your iPhone for hours. It’s an adventure game, the likes of old school console games of yesteryears.

It’s a hack-and-slash style game which is very easy to learn, and that means it’s ideal for people of all ages.

The story
Once you launch the game, you’ll start as an adventurer but ultimately become a fully-fledged dragon hunter. But how does that happen?

By completing tasks and occasionally saving the dudes or damsels that may be in trouble. Every task has a goal and a time limit as well.

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It all depends on how well you execute the task to earn you grades. If you save all the damsels (or dudes), kill all the bad people and leave plenty of spare time to rest, you’ll easily scoop an A.

If you run out of time before completing every task ahead of you, you earn a lower grade.

How to execute missions
When you make your attacks, you’ll use an in-hand weapon which can be purchased from the shops or discovered during one of your quests.

Every quest will earn you some experience if played well, and that will automatically promote you to the next level where dealing with the dragon becomes harder. On top of that, your skill power can be used to power up special attacks.
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We’ve also realized that the action is constant and gets harder as you climb the levels. The monster gets tougher, they increase in numbers, and develop a wide range of attack strategies.

When your quest demands that you carry an item with you, you won’t be able to attack, unless you become smart by cutting a path through the enemy beforehand.


The graphics of this game is great in quality and enhances the gameplay. The fighting is simple enough to let people of all ages play and enjoy the game.

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Though it’s not a major concern, some users say the gameplay lacks diversity and becomes tedious over time. Even if the gameplay is great in the beginning, dealing with the same enemies, same attacks time after time can bring this iPhone game to a screeching halt.


Dragon &Hunter is a good game that will keep you busy for some time. The cute graphics, combined by special effect screen action will captivate you. So try it today.

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